Risk management

Risk management helps fleets to meet their duty of care obligations. It is a collection of fleet activities with a shared goal; to keep drivers safe and legal on the roads.

Reducing fleet risk is something we should all strive for and it is achievable with targeted HR and operational practices.

company car fleet duty of care obligations and risk management
fleet risk management and your duty of care

Risk management and your duty of care


What is duty of care?

Risk management and duty of care go hand in hand. In case you're new to the term, here's a quick heads up:

In essence, duty of care is about keeping your employees and the public safe as well as protecting your business from potential legal exposure. In the world of fleet management, this means that your company or organisation must do as much as possible to ensure that your staff are insured, legal and safe while driving on company business – be that in a company car or in a grey fleet (personally owned) vehicle.

Want more details? Our duty of care page is a good place to start.


How can risk management help?

  • Regular driving licence checks (quarterly is best practice)
  • Advise on operational practices like driver training, health checks and eye tests
  • Online driver assessments
  • AA one-2-one driver training
  • Documented vehicle maintenance (available on fully maintained lease contracts)
  • Accident management
  • Fleet policy development (i.e. introduce company car and grey fleet declarations)
risk management and duty of care for company car fleets

Where next?

risk management packages for company car fleets

Risk management is included in our Plus and Premium fleet management packages for fleets of 10+ cars.