Accident management


Accident management takes care of any road-related incidents, getting your drivers back on the road quickly. 

Accident, damage, theft or vandalism, your fleet is covered.

what is accident management for company car fleets
outsourced accident management for company car fleets

How does accident management work?


Accident management gives you a completely seamless round the clock service to keep your drivers on the road and your business running smoothly:

  1. 24/7 incident management with one-call

  2. Roadside assistance wherever and whenever your driver needs it

  3. A UK-wide repairer network completing high quality repairs at preferential rates


Combined with breakdown cover - which comes as standard on all fully maintained contracts - you've got a complete emergency response service.

outsourced accident management service for company cars

Hassle-free repairs

  • Incident management system tracks and monitors every stage of the repair keeping vehicle downtime to a minimum

  • Estimating software means no waiting for on-site inspections to approve estimates/repairs so there’s less chance of insurance claim delays

  • Fast mobile repairs option for minor body work

  • Driver updates throughout

  • All repairs are guaranteed for 3 years

  • When required, courtesy car or a short term rental. (Charges apply to the party at fault.)


Insurance claims

Working directly with your existing insurer, we make accident recovery, uninsured loss recovery and third party or full claims handling easy. If one of your drivers has suffered a personal injury that was someone else’s fault, we can help them get fair compensation too.

To make the process crystal clear, you can reference all active incident documents and progress via our online portal. (You don’t have to process anything yourself but sometimes it’s just nice to see how things are ticking along.)

outsourced company car fleet accident management
outsourced accident management for company cars UK

Connected dashcam

It's estimated that in the next two years, one third of UK businesses will install cameras in their vehicles.

connected dashcam accident management car fleet service

If you are interested in the safety benefits of having dashcams in your fleet, take a look at our Connected Dashcam service which is an additional option on both our Plus and Premium fleet management packages.