Treating customers fairly


Covase takes great pride in delivering excellent customer service. Treating customers fairly is a prerequisite to effective business relationships which are at the very heart of our company. Following the leadership team’s principles, Covase staff are trained to be focused, first-and-foremost, on our customers’ needs. Likewise, our pricing, procedures and communications are transparent and regularly reviewed for improvement to ensure customers receive the best care and service. Our wish to treat all customers fairly guides our product development and our business processes; it is where the majority of business development activities begin. From a structured complaints process through to clear, no-jargon communications, our business is built with the customer in mind.


Covase helps customers control costs and manage their cars and vans efficiently and accurately. All of our products and services are created with the customers’ needs in mind. Whether personal or commercial, all of our services are grounded in professionalism and clarity.

Clear, concise information gives our customers the confidence to trust us; anything less is unacceptable in our book. Transparency is paramount. From our fixed-price management packages to our funders’ leasing contracts, our customers are made aware of every cost and condition. We have a defined communication flow for sales activity which ensures that our customers understand their responsibilities upfront and are kept up-to-date regarding order progress.


Consultancy is core to our business; it is a service based upon listening. We believe our staff cannot offer helpful advice without first understanding how that customer ticks. Once we have listened, we will talk a customer through their options in plain English: no jargon; no small print. We look to discuss their current circumstances and their future objectives. This helps us give them the very best advice on funding, services and vehicle choice. The advice we give is based on current legislation and taxation as well as any upcoming changes so that customers can make smart decisions that work now, and in the future.


We don’t shy away from accountability. Our management packages present customers with a clear and digestible means of understanding the range of services on offer as well as defining strict SLAs that we can be held accountable to.


CANCELLATION: Should a customer wish to change/cancel a Covase product or service after the point of order, we will explain their options whilst making them aware of any practical and/or financial ramifications. Should a customer wish to change/cancel a product or service provided by a funder, dealership, manufacturer or any other 3rd party involved with the management or delivery of a vehicle after the point of order, Covase will advise on the merits/drawbacks of the available options and, with the customer’s consent, gladly act as an intermediary. We believe feedback is an essential part of successful business development. As such, the Covase complaints procedure is easy to instigate, simple to understand and solution-focused.