Panduit Case Study

fleet management case study - international
international fleet management outsourcing case study

1. Outsourced, centralised fleet management

2. Clear scope of work through a fleet management package

3. Vehicle benchmarking with fleet development

4. Access to fleet management portal for quick reporting and tracking

fleet management case study - international company cars

The Story

With a fleet of over 100 cars spread across 21 countries and many different management companies, the Panduit team thought things were getting somewhat convoluted. They needed a no-fuss answer to solve their communication and admin chaos which is why outsourcing had such a huge appeal. Large fleet management providers may have refused to help manage this "bitty" fleet but Covase jumped at this niche opportunity.

Panduit challenged us to streamline the management of their EU fleet by standardising it's company car scheme and improving the acquisition process. So, how did we do it? We listened, we learned, then we set to work giving structure to their company car offering and keeping fleet costs under control:



  1. Provided one point of contact for all fleet vehicles, regardless of country, to simplify communication.

  2. Assigned a Covase account manager who's an expert in whole life cost analysis.

  3. Committed to a measurable scope of work defined by a tailor-made fleet management package including accident management, fuel management, MID database updates and power of attorney rights.

  4. Liaised with Panduit's local supplier network throughout the EU and Russia to manage 100+ company car deliveries/disposals.

  5. Gave Panduit secure access to the Covase fleet management portal for quick fleet reporting/tracking i.e. upcoming car renewals.



  1. Completed a thorough fleet development review of existing vehicles/spend to create a new benchmark vehicle list developed around driver grades, vehicle purpose and tax/CO2 savings.

  2. Took responsibility for fleet admin (defined systematic fleet procedures to stop internal confusions including an improved order form template and an exception process for special cases) as well as dealing with driver enquiries: all of which allowed senior staff to get back to business.

  3. Reduced the number of lessors by 33% to simplify finance agreements/credit checks.

  4. Transferred the fleet onto new maintained contracts meaning that any mechanical repairs are dealt with quickly by an approved engineer and there's no hefty garage bills to worry about.

Panduit have been heartily impressed with Covase's EU solution and the cost-saving they've seen across the board. So much so that they've already confirmed that they want the partnership to reach far beyond current renewal cycles. Smiles all round!

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