Fuel management


Fuel is one of the biggest expenses on a fleet budget so it’s mighty sensible to track it, control it and simplify it.

Our fuel management service gives you full control of your drivers' spend at the pumps without any of the paperwork.

fuel management for company car fleets
what is fuel management for fleets

What is fuel management?


Fuel management fuses technology and practicality to reduce fuel administration.

It is a combination of driver fuel cards and an easy-to-use online portal which gives businesses increased control over fleet fuel spend with minimum effort.


The Fuel Card

Fuel cards are a convenient cash-free way for fleet drivers to pay at the pumps and for businesses to control spend:

  • Accepted at 95% of fuel stations in the UK (including all the major supermarkets)
  • Assign cards to individual drivers, vehicles or both for added security
  • Control purchasing power; just fuel, fuel and oil, or add consumables and car washes

The Online Portal

Cloud technology means that fuel data is secure, centralised and accessible 24/7. The portal can generate accurate, up-to-date fleet reports in minutes, manage private fuel and track fuel spend at a glance.

The clever software also lets users reclaim VAT through one consolidated HMRC-friendly invoice.

fuel card management for company car fleets

The benefits


  • Streamlined fuel spend processing

  • Reduced administration volume/time

  • VAT accuracy

  • Paperless to support green initiatives


what is a fuel card

How does fuel management work?

  1. Define your fuel card rules. Who can use it? What can they buy?
  2. We set up your fuel account and order your fuel cards.
  3. Drivers pay for fuel with their fuel cards.
  4. Use the online portal at your convenience to track driver spending, generate consolidated VAT invoices and re-charge private fuel.

Drivers can declare their private mileage online or by phone via IVR - that's Interactive Voice Response and yes, it is as cool as it sounds). The system will then automatically calculate what each driver owes for their private fuel. Ta-da!

fuel management for company cars


fuel management for company car fleets

You'll be chuffed to hear that fuel management is a key part of our Plus and Premium fleet management packages.