Vattenfall Case Study

fleet management case study - renewables
new car scheme fleet management outsourcing case study

1. Driver grades knowledge/support

2. Vehicle list based on Vattenfall’s principles

3. Fleet policy guidance

4. Single monthly invoices

5. Management of “adopted” vehicles

fleet management case study - renewables story

The Story

In 2011 one of the largest energy providers in Europe, Vattenfall, sparked up a conversation with us. With a specialism in renewables, their industry was (and still is) booming so they wanted guidance and support to upgrade their employee benefits package; to move away from cash allowances and create a new company car scheme that fitted their eco-friendly principles.

Starting from scratch inevitably means lots of “new”; it's the time to lay those all-important foundations for your fleet procedure/policy and be ready for future growth. With that in mind, here's what we did:


Build A Company Car Scheme

  • Analysed Vattenfall’s staff structure to define driver grades.

  • As a renewables company, Vattenfall's vehicle lists were created with low emissions in mind as well as low running costs (whole life costs).

  • Created policy documents for the company car scheme.

  • Created a site vehicle policy.

  • Facilitated contract amendments with funders’ legal teams.


Vehicle Adoptions

Covase handled the transition of “adopted” vehicles into our fleet management care during Vattenfall’s acquisition of utility company, Nuon. Fleet adoption has allowed Vattenfall to take control of 100% of their vehicles through our single point of contact and ensure all their drivers get the same high level of vehicle care.

Manage The Day-To-Day

Vattenfall chose the fixed-price essentials fleet management package which means that we take care of all the basics so that their staff can get on with their day jobs.

Here’s the services that really made a difference for Vattenfall:

  • A dedicated Covase account manager was assigned to Vattenfall, giving them one point of contact.

  • As part of our fleet administration service, Vattenfall now has a single invoicing arrangement (just one invoice from the lease funder a month) reducing paper-chains and streamlining payment processing.

  • An annual fleet assessment means Vattenfall has complete confidence that their vehicle lists are up to date and deliver them the very best value.



Now Vattenfall are looking to outsource more fleet responsibilities like driver licence checks and grey fleet care through our risk management service to make sure their duty of care obligations are met too. We must be doing something right!

If you want a helping hand starting a company car scheme contact us to talk through your options.

fleet management case study - renewable energy


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