Annual fleet health check


Every year we'll sit down with you to do a fleet health check. Your account manager will review your current fleet objectives with you and talk about making new ones for the year ahead.

annual company car fleet health check review

What is a fleet health check?

One of the first things your Covase account manager will do with you is define your initial fleet objectives. Our annual fleet health check is our way of measuring the success of those objectives and helping you set new ones for the coming year.

A fleet health check is our opportunity to periodically sit down together and review your live fleet with a whole life cost assessment, look for ways to improve vehicle quality and explore any further cost-saving potential.

If you have a benefit scheme, we'll review vehicle lists, company car bands, scheme trends and driver behaviours/feedback to give you a full overview of its performance.

What can you expect?

  • Review your previous objectives and assess their success
  • Assess your fleet finance framework
  • Examine your fleet running costs (whole life cost analysis)
  • Discuss your current fleet trends and driver behaviours
  • Discern any changes in business circumstance affecting fleet
  • Refresh on duty of care obligations and general fleet safety
  • Guidance on the latest fleet legislation
  • Option to upgrade/downgrade fleet management package
  • Outline fleet objectives for the next 12 months and beyond
benefits of an annual fleet health check review

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