Connected Dashcam Accident Management


Use the power of telematics to keep your drivers safe and your insurance claims low.


Combining telematics, connected dashcam technology and analytics, fleet vehicle accidents and collisions can be automatically directed to our 24/7 accident management specialists to manage the incident, insurance claim and take care of your drivers. It can save you thousands on claims costs too.

This Connected Dashcam service can be added to our Plus or Premium fleet management packages to complement their accident management services.

Connected dashcam accident management for company car fleets
Connected dashcam and telematics for company car fleets

The Benefits


Over the next two years, one third of UK businesses are likely to install cameras on their vehicles and over a quarter are likely to introduce in-vehicle telematics to their fleet*. If your company is one of them, our Connected Dashcam service will be right up your street. It puts the safety of your employees front and centre and can save you money at the same time:

  • Improve driver safety both physically (through fast accident response services) and through better driver behaviour on the roads
  • Ensure a fast and efficient claims management process to reduce vehicle downtime and save money by negating delays
  • Avoid long insurance claim disputes which can cost companies thousands of pounds each year
  • Quash biased employee or third party statements with incident telematics data and detailed video footage
  • Automated notifications mean that vehicle incidents are assessed, logged and escalated immediately
  • Keep your company safe from fraudulent third party accident claims through indisputable video evidence
  • Support Health & Safety and HR policies regarding employer duty of care: many drivers work alone so having a connected dashcam ensures that any vehicle damage which puts the driver in danger is dealt with quickly and professionally
  • Insurance premiums are often lower when you have a dashcam/telematics
Connected dashcam and telematics for company car fleets

The Technology


Industry-leading connected dashcam

Exceptional quality dashcam video is continuously recorded to an internal SD card. (And we do mean exceptional: it records crystal-clear footage even in low-light or adverse weather conditions which, let's face it, is when you're most likely to need it.)

Wireless connectivity helps makes this little dashcam unit world-class: there is no risk of driver-tampering or card problems going undiagnosed. 70% of SD issues can be fixed over the air remotely and those that can't will trigger an automatic maintenance call out request.

Connected dashcam and telematics for company car fleets
Connected dashcam and telematics for company car fleets

Intelligent crash detection

With crash filtering and analysis algorithms, our connected dashcam has some serious street smarts.

Not only do your drivers have the support of video footage, the dashcam also detects a host of vital incident information: time stamps, GPS location data, reconstruction of the event on a Google street view dynamic map, direction of force, speed and magnitude.

Time is money when it comes to insurance claims and this level of advanced tech means that those "he said/she said" debates and delays simply don't come into play.


Automated data and video transfer

Traditional dashcams needed a driver to remove an SD card and upload the video themselves in the event of an accident, which is a slow process, open to bias and tampering. That's not the case here:

In the event that the dashcam registers a "driving event" i.e. a potential incident or accident, its automatic data transfer kicks in. Data and video footage are sent immediately for automated analysis. If it is deemed to be a crash, the accident response team are automatically notified and have the footage and telematics information in seconds to take action towards your driver's safety and your company's liability.

Connected dashcam and telematics for company car fleets
Connected dashcam accident management for company car fleets

Fast, factual insurance claims management

Because the telematics and video data is sent directly to the 24/7 accident management response team, no action is needed by the driver or fleet manager. Vehicle repair and any emergency support are dispatched sooner, insurance claim delays are avoided and there is no risk of driver or third party perspective causing lengthy and costly disputes.

You can also see immediate reductions in insurance rates, claim costs and vehicle downtime.

Connected dashcam and telematics for company car fleets

How it works


You can add our Connected Dashcam service to either our Plus or Premium fleet management packages. You get all of the above telematics and dashcam features in addition to our accident management service:

  1. 24/7 incident management with one-call
  2. Roadside assistance wherever and whenever your driver needs it
  3. A UK-wide repairer network completing high quality repairs at preferential rates
Connected dashcam and telematics for company car fleets uk
Connected dashcam and telematics for company car fleets

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* Lex Autolease Telematics Survey 2017