Mileage Management


Mileage management is a combination of fleet mileage capture, assessment and alerts to give you the knowledge and the means to adjust your company cars' contract mileages if they move off course.

mileage management for leased company car fleets
fleet mileage capture for company cars

Mileage Charges

Nothing leaves a bitter taste in your mouth like being hit with an unexpected excess charges.

With mileage management you won't get caught unawares with excess mileage charges on your leasing contracts ever again.

Equally, paying for something you thought you needed but didn't actually end up using is futile and expensive, so we don't let that happen either.

Contract Adjustments

We spot leasing contract mileage discrepancies quickly so that your fleet budget is better spent and never wasted.

After just 1 year, you get the flexibility to adjust a vehicle's contract mileage - up or down. Your Covase account manager will track and react to your fleet's real-life mileage data and give you regular updates on vehicles that look like they'll be considerably over/under their lease contract mileage. With your thumbs up they will amend each one and get your monthly rentals adjusted.

mileage capture and tracking for company car fleets

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Psst... mileage management is included in all of our fleet management packages.