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fleet management case study - utilities
utilities fleet management outsourcing case study

1. Outsourced fleet management

2. Ongoing vehicle advice and guidance with our annual fleet health check

3. Fuel management

4. Fleet administration

fleet management case study - utilities story

The Story


BMSI (part of British Gas) chose Covase as their fleet adviser and partner back in 2005. Since then we have helped to control their fleet spend and support their fleet's colossal 200% growth.

A reliable, active fleet is absolutely vital to BMSI's business success. They simply cannot afford to have a dodgy runner or a vehicle off the road for a spell - they'd be letting their customers down. That's why contract hire leasing is perfect for them; BMSI reap the benefits of the latest automotive technology and safety features every three year cycle and keep their cash flow under control. Plus, any necessary vehicle maintenance is covered under their lease contract.

Because BMSI outsource their fleet management to us, their senior management team are free to focus on business growth. Fuel cards have replaced lengthy expenses processing while their dedicated Covase account manager takes care of all that pesky vehicle administration and coordinates nationwide vehicle delivery and disposals with their drivers.

BMSI made the decision not to use a set vehicle list. Driver satisfaction is very important to them so they wanted to give their drivers control over vehicle choices whilst keeping to internal fleet policy.

This mix of vehicle variety with corporate prerequisites will always make fleet management complex but luckily we love a challenge! Keeping drivers and BMSI management smiling all comes down to manufacturer flexibility and the vast vehicle knowledge of their Covase account manager to guide the decision making process. It's a delicate balance but we're fiercely proud of a job well done for over a decade.

If, like BMSI, you're after a supplier relationship that lasts, please do get in touch.

fleet management case study - business utilities

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