Why do people choose to outsource?

As an outsource company ourselves we always like to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to understanding our clients so we sent our top researcher on a mini mission to investigate what modern business culture demands of UK outsourcing.

We wanted info on what’s outside our business bubble. Not research on fleet or even the automobile industry, a review of the wider concept of outsourcing and what makes it relevant to UK businesses in 2016.

The outcome of this little project is that now we can see broad business outsourcing trends (and leverage them) as well as rank the top outsourcing benefits in the UK.

Here’s the highlights of our research:

  • The top ranking reason for a business to outsource a task/team is to improve business performance overall.
  • Improving customer experience ranks second. Surprised? We were.
  • “Reducing costs” isn’t even in the top 3 reasons to outsource in the UK.
  • Digital development is a colossal trend in outsourcing. The world and his dog are after ground-breaking tech but don't want to recruit an in-house department.
  • There’s a real buzz (and we’re talking shaking the hive) about “business transformation” through outsourcing.

We all like to think that we know what our customers want but this mini-research project helped open our eyes to the new outsourcing culture of 2016. We hope you’ve found this short piece intriguing if nothing else and would encourage you all, no matter what your job role, when the next opportunity arises – be it a social media post, a roundtable, a chat with a friend – to look beyond your service offering and ask some big questions to unearth insights that reach far, far beyond your own vertical market. We’re so pleased we did!

Don’t miss us taking this knowledge further in our next blog on the top outsourcing topic of 2016: improving business performance.