Beating cancer one blister at a time at Shine 2016's Full Marathon

This Saturday night, when we're all settling into a glass of red and a movie, the Covase queen of admin, Michelle, will be in her trainers - glow sticks in hand - limbering up for Shine's night marathon for Cancer Research UK and Covase couldn't be prouder.


Michelle is doing the Shine walking marathon on 24th September with her life-long friend Debbie. They're quite the charity duo as it goes. As well as being generous charity donators themselves, they are serious about Cancer Research UK fundraising with six Race for Life runs (each!) and Pretty Muddy 2016 under their belts.

Debbie, Michelle (in the shades) and Treacle the dog at Pretty Muddy 2016

Debbie, Michelle (in the shades) and Treacle the dog at Pretty Muddy 2016


Our shining star started training back in July and this month has ticked off a 12 mile and 20 mile slog. Exhausting stuff. We asked her how she's feeling this week in the lead up: "Training's been tough. I've got blisters, sore legs and achy bones but it's all for such a worthy cause." She originally wanted to finish the 26 miles 385 yards in sub 9 hours but their training regime has got them on schedule to complete in 6.5 so they're absolutely smashing it!

Shine is a deeply personal endeavour for Michelle. Cancer took her Aunt and her Nan and she's watched close friends lose parents to this hideous group of diseases. She's vowed to keep fundraising and keep challenging herself to do more. 

If you've ever called Covase HQ, you'll no doubt be familiar with Michelle's positive vibes, she's the heart and soul of the office. We'll be making a donation to her latest charity fundraising effort and if you'd like to do the same she has a Just Giving page.

So, will she be taking a break after Shine 2016? No chance. She's already got three more races booked for next year. Don't worry Michelle, we've got the business chequebook ready!

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