Fleet experts

Hundreds of business professionals trust us to take care of their company cars and grey fleets.

We are an elite team of fleet experts offering consultancy and fixed-cost vehicle management outsourcing to both UK and international companies.

We'll show you how to reduce your fleet management costs and your workload so that you can get back to focusing on your core business.

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Outsourced fleet management

We offer sensible, fixed-cost fleet management packages ranging from just the essentials right through to complete outsourced solutions for your company car fleet. You only pay for what you need. No surprises.

We can help you with vehicle maintenance management, fuel management, risk management (duty of care), and accident management as well as fleet administration services.

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We offer advice for free

We think knowledge is a powerful thing and we'd like to share ours with you. It all starts with a free consultation. We'll get to grips with your business, your company cars and your funding then carefully explore which fleet management options will give you long-term benefits.

Making the right fleet choices can positively impact your whole business. We'll show you how.

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International scope

Covase is a UK leader in international car fleet management. If your fleet of cars is spread across countries and continents, we can help you centralise and simplify.

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Whole life cost

Our whole life cost approach helps fleet managers make smarter decisions about which company cars and which leasing contracts will cost them less in the long-term. On average, lease rental (i.e. contract hire) accounts for only half of a fleet budget. That's why whole life cost takes into account CO2 taxes, fuel, maintenance and servicing too.

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Contract hire leasing

If you've just taken on the responsibility of looking after a fleet of company cars, we can teach you all the basics about car fleet management and care. We think understanding your fleet's funding options is an excellent place to begin, starting with the ever-popular contract hire lease:

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