FLeet Outsourcing with a difference

Outsourcing is often recognised as being great for getting experts in your corner as well as saving headcount and money but did you know that the very best outsourcing solutions embody qualities more often associated with in-house employees?

fleet management outsourcing accountability


Responsibility is the name of the game when you outsource something as important as your business' fleet costs and care. That's why we always set up strict SLAs for new clients, so you can be certain when, what and how we'll deliver on our fleet promises.

fleet management outsourcing simplicity


Fleet management is a complex task but outsourcing it doesn't have to be. Our simple and flexible fleet outsourcing packages are designed around real fleet needs, you can simply hand over to us and we'll take care of as little or as much as you want.

fleet management outsourcing humanity


Covase account managers are a special bunch. Building trust and genuine, healthy business relationships is something of a specialty. Fleet management portals are all well and good but we believe nothing beats having your very own fleet expert at your side.