Sale and leaseback on cars you own


If you own your car fleet and your business could use a cash injection, sale and leaseback is the ideal choice.


What is sale and leaseback?

Sale and leaseback is a fleet finance option for companies who already own their vehicles.

To free up capital and give a cash injection to your business, companies can sell their owned vehicles to a fleet management company. The leasing company then leases those vehicles back to the business for a low monthly fee based on their current market value.

What are the benefits?

  • Quickly release capital to pump into time-critical projects and new ventures
  • One contract mean it is a fast and simple change
  • No more vehicle depreciation concerns
  • Opportunity to re-evaluate finance choices
  • Move your company car fleet off balance sheet
  • Bolt on helpful fleet services like maintenance, accident and fuel management to reduce your admin and save money
company car sale and leaseback for fleets

Benefit Schemes


If you're looking to launch a new company car program - or improve an existing one - check out our development service.