UK Fleet Management Outsourcing

fleet management outsourcing for UK company cars

Covase is helping companies in the UK to outsource their vehicle fleet management.

If you have a fleet of company cars and vans, big or small, we can help you save, centralise and simplify.

UK car fleet management outsourcing
UK fleet management outsourcing

UK Fleet Management

We offer simple, fixed-cost fleet management packages so that you only pay for the fleet support you need. No surprises.

We can help your organisation with fleet administration, vehicle maintenance, fuel management, risk management (duty of care) and accident management.

Leasing Advantages

If you want to take control of your company's cash flow, avoid large up-front payments and reduce your overall fleet spend, leasing your fleet cars is the way to go.

If you're new to fleet management, understanding your fleet's finance options is an excellent place to start.

Fleet Case Study

UK charity, Blesma, asked us to reduce their fleet costs and relieve key staff of company car admin chores.

On a fleet of only a dozen cars, we saved them £37k on their fleet bill by helping them make smarter car choices as well as taking care of all the admin and in-life vehicle management.

UK fleet management outsourcing for cars and vans

Mighty Blighty

Whether you have a local or national UK fleet, having reliable, cost-efficient vehicles is essential to keep your business moving.

Our Berkshire-based team take the real-life running costs of each car and van into account to offer realistic cost-saving advice to UK companies like yours, giving you more money to spend on the things that matter most to your customers.