Contract hire for company cars

If you're looking for a low risk, budget-friendly option which gives you a reliable and modern fleet, contract hire leasing is most often the way to go.


What is contract hire?

Contract hire is a very popular, low risk option for financing company car fleets. 

With contract hire, lessors pay a fixed rental cost each month based on the chosen vehicle type and its estimated mileage.

Typically contract hire leases run for 3 years, after which time the vehicle is returned to the leasing company.

What are the benefits?

Contract hire is an easy, manageable option with great VAT and tax benefits.

It gives businesses improved budget control and cash flow with the dependability, safety and performance of the latest cars.

Plus, because you don’t own the car, there is very little risk. The burden of depreciation and residual value rests on the finance company's shoulders, not yours.

company car contract hire for fleets

Benefit Schemes


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