Get your facts straight on the most popular company car leasing types with these three simple guides:


Contract Hire

The low risk, fixed-cost leasing option is contract hire. Get a shiny new car without the ownership risks.

Sale & Leaseback

If you want to release capital from owned vehicles, sale and leaseback is the quick, safe and simple solution.

Finance Lease

Finance leases are great for workhorse vehicles and messier professions. Explore the pros and cons.

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It's nothing personal... it's business


It may be called "personal" contract hire but letting employees drive their own vehicle (leased or otherwise) for work can still have serious business implications.

Not to sound over dramatic, but it doesn't have to be frequent use either: one meeting, one event, in fact any business journey in a personal car or van can have huge business consequences if your duty of care isn't up to scratch.