Top 5 Driving Apps in 2018

Driving apps have the power to improve our business lives. Here are our top 5 driving-related apps in 2018 for when you’re racking up the business miles. Hopefully these will keep things a little easier, faster and connected for you.


1. The function to integrate your smartphone into your car’s infotainment console

We recommend: Android Auto or Apple CarPlay

Price: Free App  |  Available on: Android Auto on Android. CarPlay on iOS.

No cables, no buttons. The safest phone-car interfaces yet for both Android and Apple users.

On Android, it's an app. On Apple, it's a smartphone functionality. Both contain all the essential functions you need on a journey but with none of the distractions.

Your smartphone's key apps are shown in a simplified display on your car’s centre console screen. Stay hands-free and use your voice to make and receive calls, send and listen to texts or WhatsApp messages, navigate using your phone’s map function or Waze (coming soon to CarPlay*), play your music/podcasts and more.

Note that Android Auto and CarPlay are not yet available on all new car models. Check the latest Android Auto car model list and CarPlay car model list.


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parking app uk 2018.png

2. Parking

We recommend: JustPark

Price: Free  |  Available on: Android & iOS

This 5 star rated app is well worth the download for both personal and business convenience. Book spaces in car parks as well as private driveways (which are often nearer to your final destination). All the parking options are shown on an easy-to-navigate map so you can see instantly which spaces are cheapest and closest. A brilliant idea; well executed.

With over 20,000 reservable locations, there are options all over the place; near the office, close to the station, a spit from your supplier's front door... Plus, because it's an app, you can find, pay for & extend your booking on-the-go in a few taps. We can't recommend it highly enough.


3. Driving expenses apps

We recommend: MileIQ

Price: Free  |  Available on: Android & iOS

Business miles mean driving expenses. Groan. Keeping track of mileages is a pain and we know we forget to look at our mileage counter when we start a journey ALL THE TIME!

MileIQ uses your Phone's clock and GPS to automatically track each of your journeys. It logs start/stop times as well as total miles driven and you can define the reimbursement rate per mile** and distance units. Categorise trips as business or personal with a swipe, and the data can be quickly exported as a spreadsheet, making it easy to pull into your company's expenses process. (If you need one, you can also download our free expenses template.)

And as an extra bonus, MileIQ Premium (which lets you log unlimited drives rather than the standard 40 per month) is now included with any current Microsoft 365 Business and Office 365 Business Premium subscription.


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4. Remote vehicle access apps

We recommend: FordPass

Price: Modem is an manufacturer optional extra. App is free.  |  Available on: Android & iOS

Our example is Ford's app but most manufacturers have their own option available.

Ford’s FordPass Connect modem already gives drivers real-time traffic information, 4G hotspots and makes emergency services calls automatically, but paired with the FordPass App you can do even more, remotely from your smartphone:

  • Start the engine*** (to get your car de-icing itself in winter)
  • Lock and unlock your car remotely (so your bro can get to your golf clubs)
  • Precisely locate your car (at a vast airport car park).
  • Check the fuel, tyre pressure and mileage (from your desk, before that long journey)
  • Get notifications about in-car issues (like a blown headlamp or the engine overheating)

Get more information on the FordPass Connect page or on your own vehicle's manufacturer website.


5. Dashcam app

We recommend: DailyRoads Voyager

Price: Free  |  Available on: Android

Although a dashcam app can never replace professional accident management services, if your employer doesn’t supply dashcams, you can always use a dashcam app for piece of mind in the event of a driving incident in your car or as a witness to another. Having footage of accidents and events can hugely help with insurance claims and fraud cases, although without an integrated accident team on-hand, it’s use is solely retrospective. That being said, this app is useful and well established with many of the same software features of stand-alone dashcam devices, such as timestamps, continuous video recording, geotags and a file manager.

If you are interested in a little more than just an app, we offer a full accident management dashcam service.

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Top 5 drivings app for 2018

That's our top 5 driving apps for 2018 but we've got one more for you as a reward for reading all the way to the bottom!


mobile car wash app uk 2018.png

6. Mobile car wash apps

We recommend: Wash Doctors

Price: Free  |  Available on: Android & iOS

It didn’t make our top 5 because it’s not a truly nationwide service just yet - but Wash Doctors, a mobile car wash service app, could be a great app addition if they have a base near you. A little pricier than your local valet, but getting your car cleaned while you’re in a meeting (or out to lunch, or parked at a conference, or on-site…) is a real time-saving win that deserved an honourable mention in our top driving apps list.


* Expected autumn 2018

** It's an American app, so the reimbursement rates are stuck in $ but that's easy to work around once your data has been downloaded into a spreadsheet.

** In vehicles with an automatic transmission