Need a new supplier? Ask yourself, what would Spock do?

Smart people make educated choices, right? It’s a reasonable deduction but companies don’t make it easy. To make educated choices, people (and Vulcans) need pertinent facts but unfortunately these seem to be in exceedingly short supply.

Let’s say you’re looking to engage with a new fleet supplier: you need to know that they can - and will - deliver the vehicles and service that their marketing and sales teams promise.

So, you do careful due diligence: Are they competitive? Is the service comprehensive/scalable? Are the contract terms agreeable? Then, if you can negotiate the price down to match your lowest quote, you’re on to a winner, right? Wrong! Those tactics are ways of protecting your pocket, sure, but not your operations.

It’s time to channel your inner Vulcan

Today’s world is one of anonymous promises and shrewd branding. They’re toying with us! Like it’s a cyber-masquerade ball and they’re batting their lashes at us from behind fetching masks made of slick graphics and free stationary.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a free pen just like everyone else, but your business needs proof, not promises. How do you know - hand on heart – that your sprightly new supplier can sustain and improve your business? Where's the cold, hard proof that their services will work for us?

It’s time to channel your inner Vulcan. Demand more of your suppliers. Make them accountable and get the proof to validate their claims. How? Insist on business case studies which back up their grand promises and get strict SLAs in place based on what’s important to you!

If you’re feeling empowered right about now, put us to the test as a potential new (Star)fleet management supplier! Our case studies show how we do our business and have loads of example of our outsourcing services in full swing. Following in that vein, we practice what we preach so all of our fleet management packages are fixed-price, transparent and scalable so you know exactly what you’re getting and only pay for what you need.

No promises, only proof. It’s what we’d want, so it’s what we do.

Live long and prosper.

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