How much is my car's road tax?

There seems to be an international epidemic of people taking a simple idea and making it really complicated. To combat this information plague, here's what you need to know about car road tax in the UK:

UK road tax rates are split into bands based on CO2 emissions; the lower your emissions, the lower your road tax:


UK 2014/15 Road Tax Infographic


[download this infographic]

This infographic shows UK road tax rates* for cars that:


a) were registered on or after 1 March 2001
b) are petrol or diesel engines
c) are paid for annually


Did you know that road tax can also be called car or vehicle tax, road fund licence (RFL) or vehicle excise duty (VED).


Road tax is one thing to keep in mind when looking at your fleet vehicle options. That's why it's one element of our whole life cost approach to fleet management.

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* UK car road tax rates correct as of August 2014