Dartford Crossing toll changes on 30th November 2014

From 30th November 2014, the Dartford Crossing barriers will stop being used for tolls and a new online payment system called Dart Charge will take over.


What is Dart Charge?

The big idea is that, by removing the Dartford Crossing Barriers, drivers will experience less congestion. Toll payments will now be made electronically or by phone in a system ingeniously named, Dart Charge.

Dart Charge will work in a very similar way to the London Congestion Charge with automatic number plate recognition, payment accounts and penalties for not paying by midnight the following day.

Oh, and there’ll also be a toll charge increase up to £2.50 per car for a single one-off crossing or £1.67 per car for pre-pay account holders. (The Dartford Crossing will still be free of charge between 10pm to 6am for all you nocturnal beings.)


Pre-pay accounts

It’s cheaper to pay the Dart Charge with a pre-pay account; you’ll save around a third and can choose to top-up manually or automatically (much like TFL’s Oyster card if you’re familiar with that).

You can go for either a Standard account or a Commercial account; both of which can be linked to multiple vehicles. If you choose a commercial account, you'll get extra account management support and single invoices for multiple vehicles.

Register for your pre-pay account now, in advance of the upcoming changes:

Register for a new Dart Charge standard or commercial account

If you already use DART-Tag to pay the Dartford Crossing toll, you can migrate your account into the new Dart Charge system and keep your existing credit.


One-off payments

After 30th November 2014, if you’re not a Dartford Crossing regular, you can pay-as-you-go by paying the toll in advance or before a deadline of midnight the following day.

You can pay:

FYI: These Dart Charge one-off payment methods will only be available from 6am on 30th November.



Vehicles currently legally exempt from paying the Dartford Crossing toll will continue to be so under the new system; there’s no change there.



If Dart Charge is not paid on time for one of your leased vehicles, the Penalty Charge Notice will be sent to your leasing funder who will pay it directly, immediately. They will then charge you for the unpaid toll, the resulting fine and their admin fee.


Fact sheet download

If you need to notify your colleagues and fleet drivers of these changes, here's a free one page fact sheet outlining what Dart Charge is and how any vehicle penalties will be handled:

Visit the gov.uk website for more Dart Charge information and details on the Dartford Crossing improvement roadworks.