More Penalties for Drivers in London?

TFL (Transport for London) seem to have decided that their coffers are not quite as full as they should be and have decided to tack on some natty new rules to their already unpopular Congestion Charge (


The big question is, how will they affect you and your fleet?

The Congestion Charge has always been more than just "a bit of a bother", for any company which relies on their workforce driving within the boundaries that TFL have set. Of course, being seen as progressive and eco-friendly is essential, and they have compensated people driving low emission vehicles by making those vehicles Congestion Charge exempt.

In order to qualify for the exemption, the vehicle which you are in control of could not produce more than 100g/km of CO2. This meant fleets changing their vehicles of choice from the stereotypical 'rep mobiles', to more economical models whose emissions are below the aforementioned level.

For a fleet of just 10 vehicles, this can amount to charges of £26000 per year, so having a fleet that falls within the exemption range can create substantial savings.

So here is the rub. From the 28th of June 2013,TFL have decided to lower the levels of vehicle emissions of qualifying for Congestion Charge exemption to 76g/km of CO2.

For fleet managers everywhere who already have stretched budgets, this seems to be the latest headache thrust upon them by the lovely people at TFL.

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Simon Homer is the Director at Covase, fleet management and vehicle leasing specialists.

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