Evolution of the Car

Times are a changin', as Bob Dylan once said, a new era is emerging from the oil-soaked, combustion-driven heyday of our past. We are on the cusp of a new paradigm, driven by recession, climate change, war and technology. The car is undergoing a transformation, the fad is over, the car is going electric. Being a self confessed techy, I have always brooded over the EV, though not publicly, in fear of losing whatever motor-head credentials I could claim, but always, deep down, I wanted a practical all electric car. Patiently waiting for technology to catch up with my imagination, I sit here most mornings, hoping to come across the product that will revolutionize the industry. 

Just as I sat here in 2007 watching Steve Jobs give his now infamous iPhone keynote, I wish to sit here once again and witness a company shake the very foundations of the motor industry. Steve looked at what had come before him and scoffed at the design and functionality of his predecessors. I yearn for this revolution to happen in the motor industry; alas, here I sit, staring at endless streams of news, still waiting.

What Can We Expect

While I wait though, we can have a look at the Tesla Model-X and to be honest when I first stumbled upon it, I was pleasantly surprised. I felt that cusp get a little closer, faith once again restored; I could almost hear the creaking, wailing pillars of a decrepit industry reverberate throughout the world. Along with the Model-S these cars could make a great addition to your fleet. I often come across the subject of whether EV's are good for the car fleet industry and with Renault and Nissan making major headway in the market I say why not.


The UK seems, as usual, far behind with the infrastructure needed to support a large fleet of EV's but gradually we will get there. The Department of Transport are adopting a "technology neutral" stance of decreasing carbon emissions, this means that if you buy a ultra-low emission car they fill put forward 25% of the vehicle cost.

There is no reason not to start introducing a few EV's to your fleet now, charging points are springing up around the major cities and other than financial restraints there is nothing stopping you from setting up a charging dock at work or home. Technology is said to be progressing at an exponential rate which means if you are caught dawdling over the introduction of EV's you may find yourself left behind.

The New Paradigm

Before you know it your slap bang in the middle of the EV era and you lost a chance to get a head start in promoting your name as a respectable electric vehicle fleet management company. Other than market reputation, you may be losing out on the advantages of the technology these cars bring, for instance Ford has released an open source platform for developers to create apps. This gives you the opportunity to create your own fleet management apps, built directly into the car.

The evolution of the car is certainly something to monitor closely and we can all take advantage of the coming era.


Simon Homer is the Director at Covase, fleet management and vehicle leasing specialists.

Contact Simon for further information at 0345 369 7100 | simon.homer@covase.co.uk